I Can Start a Business
and Do e-commerce.

The Internet is one of the best ways an individual can have and share "Safely Limitless" which has been my vision for many years. My specific goals are to develop Internet instruction to compete with, and in time, replace bad schools and teachers with vibrant educational environments.

When starting my first educational business:
1. I had to think of a catchy domain name and then
2. I had to do a name search to see if anyone else had that name.
3. Through the web site called www.godaddy.com I searched and bought the name www.talentteacher.com for about nine dollars a year.
4. I then had to get a business Internet account from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and they had to point my new domain name to my new business directory on their server.
With all the pictures on my site I needed at least twenty-five megabytes of server space so I had to pay around seven dollars a month.
6. For an Internet based educational business to become profitable my clients would have to be able to enter their credit card numbers online to pay for my lessons. So I needed a merchant's account with a company who is an intermediate with all the credit card companies.
7. But before I could get a merchants account I needed a business bank account to automatically receive the credit card transactions.
8. The business bank account does’t cost much more than a regular account, but to get a business bank account
9. I needed a federal tax number from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The federal tax number cost a few dollars and I had to fill out a form.
10. To get a business bank account I also needed a business license from the courthouse, which required about thirteen dollars a year, and I had to fill out another short form.
11. Then I had to display my business license on my web site. Not enough people made donations to my first on line business to pay for it's up keep so my business license is now out of date. But that was only my first try at a business and I will do better next time because I learned so much from that first one.
Finally I was able to get a merchants account to accept credit cards, because I had all the things I needed to get a business bank account.
13. The merchant account cost about a thousand dollars to set up and fifty dollars a month but it is much less expensive these days. Back then people were able to send me money when they liked the lessons on my web pages. Now days there are much less expensive and easier to use merchant account companies than the one I used. But when you are providing a service or product on line this is called e-commerce.


You will do well!